Hi, I love Irfanview! I've used it and recommended it for years. Recently I got a new high-end digital camera and I've been experimenting with all the different modes and settings to learn how to best use it. My camera records my settings for each picture as EXIF data attached to that picture. This would be very helpful for learning and diagnosing problems in my technique (my ISO was too low, my aperture too small, etc) but Irfanview makes this very difficult to make use of. For each picture I must click properties, click EXIF data, scroll down, find the parts I'm interested in, close EXIF data, close properties, then go on to the next picture. This is really needlessly time consuming when I might be going through 300 pictures at a time.

Would it be possible to leave the properties and EXIF windows open while opening new pictures, with the properties and EXIF windows updating? Or something simlar to this? All I really need to know what each picture's ISO, aperture, and exposure time were at a glance.