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    I would love using Irfanview, but there's one feature that makes the program entirely useless to me. The slideshow pause hotkey.

    The hotkey is set to 'Pause/Break'. The problem is that newer 15.6 inch or smaller laptops completely did away with the Pause/Break key. It doesn't exist.

    This feature alone has rendered Irfanview entirely useless to me and makes me very sad.

    Either we need the options to change hotkeys within Irfanview, or the key needs to be changed to a more universal key.

    Thank you.

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    This is nothing to do with IrfanView. The Pause/Break key is a general purpose key that pauses an executing process in Windows.

    The available shortcut keys in IrfanView for EXE Slideshow are:
    E Extract all files from EXE slideshow
    T or N Show/hide image text
    F Change/loop the full screen display/fit option
    F1 Show help infos
    F11 Show/hide mouse

    As you see, no key is assigned to pause the slideshow.

    Specific requests for hotkey assignments are likely to be endless as everyone has their own "most used" feature, for which they want a shortcut key, or their own preference for which key should be used. The only worthwhile solution IMO is to make the keyboard customisable.

    Several previous threads exist for this feature request.

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