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Thread: Gets larger when I zoom in/ The End of folder reach module?

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    Exclamation Gets larger when I zoom in/ The End of folder reach module?

    Whenever I try to view multiple images, I set them up on my second monitor where they are half of the size; but, when I try to zoom in, it just enlarges the entire photo. This blocks the other ones. So, I would have to shrink the photo back down just so that I see the others, is there a temporary fix to solve this? Also, when I reach the end of a photo album and It hits a browse subfolders module. The module prevents me from backtracking. This gets very annoying when I have folders that contain about 1,000 photo's each.

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    1. View, Display Options, Fit to Window, then zoom in or out as you like.
    2. When you see the dialogue, click on Cancel, and then browse backwards.

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    thank you very helpful ^_^

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