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    Question Documentation needed

    I find insufficient documentation on contact sheet settings. Is space allocation for the images determined by page size / number of images, or by some combination of the values entered for thumbnail space and margins? I am trying to create contact sheets that contain both the file name and $E306 information, but the next row of images is overlaying the text, and I find the images shifted down on the page. I have tried multiple values for page size, thumbnail space and margins but have not found values that will work.

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    There is no documentation in that detail that I know of.

    You need to remember that you do not directly set the size of the thumbnail images on the contact sheet. The width depends on the number of images in a row and the horizontal spacing between them and the height of an image changes with the width to maintain the image ratio.

    If I wanted, for example, 6 images per row I would probably start initially by selecting 12 images (2 rows) with a zero horizontal spacing and perhaps 100 pixels vertical spacing. I can then see how many lines the text will occupy with the image at maximum size. Slowly increasing the horizontal spacing will reduce the image size until at some point the text will be forced to occupy an extra line. Having decided on a best horizontal spacing you can set the vertical spacing to just enough to display all the lines of text.
    When you choose those initial 12 remember to include the file with the longest name since that will need the most space to display. The date and time will need the same space for all images.

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