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Thread: Batchresize Option - Resize by Mega Pixel

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    Red face Batchresize Option - Resize by Mega Pixel

    I do have a DSLR with 18 mega-pixel output, which takes a lot of space and I do take plenty of images.
    So I keep a resized version for long term storage.

    Unfortunately it doesn't support (out of box) all the resolution options that I want.

    Recently, (due to my lack of knowledge or ignorance) I wanted to resize 4000+ images to half of it's size (may be around 9MP to 12 MP).

    So I loaded the "Batch Conversion" tool with settings "Set new size as percentage of Original" to 50% and ran the conversion and deleted original images before viewing the output (sic)
    What resulted is 4.48 MP image !

    What I forgot to pay attention is, 50% reduction in both Height and Weight will result in 250% reduction in overall size !

    I paid for my ignorance.

    But can you add one Textbox for setting the target image size (taking into account of aspect ratio) to certain Mega Pixel ?
    In case it can't resize to that *exact* MP, it can try to go nearby (say instead of 10MP, 9.78MP).

    Please, it might help many others also.

    Thanks for paying attention.

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    It can be worse if the plugin options are set to load half sized or preview images.

    Bottom line: Test with one image before running the full batch, and don't delete anything without checking that the results are satisfactory. I certainly don't think we need another resize option. If people want to resize by 50% of the area, then you should resize by 71% of the width/height.

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