... comes when I read this kind of emails:

Guys, I am just trying to find a programme that'll read a dwg file. Why is this such a proiblem?
Sorry, but mail address is just for forum problems - http://irfanview-forum.de/showthread...rfanView-Forum

This is bullshit. I have tried regiistering . emailing etc ad bloody
nauseum. If you want money. why cant you just say so. instead of the
endless run around with pw ., stupid code words etc.
Honestly I don't know what the problem is.

Finally I got the thing to download, and now it needs additional
software , which , unsurprisingly enough requires money. If there is
an authority I can report you misleading bastards to. I hope I can
find it. Shame on You
To make it clear:

We have very great and motivated moderators in this forum, who spend a lot of time in replying to other people's support iussues. And yes, they do it to help other people.

And that's the reason why I can't understand that other people (like the one who wrote this mail to me) don't know or appreciate that.

So I just want to give thanks to the moderators here (who don't earn any money for that - we all do it just to help other people!) and of course to all forum users, who visit the forum regulary + give very useful hints!