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Thread: PDF save error - IMPDF problem?

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    Default PDF save error - IMPDF problem?

    Windows 7 pro 64 bit, IrfanView v4.32, IrfanView Plugins 4.32


    I installed IrfanView and plugins for the first time last week. I had no problems creating PDF output from JPEG.

    I picked it up again this week and found that the same operation produced PDF Save errors.

    In the interim I have had a batch of Windows 7 updates (too many to list).

    I have tried uninstall/re-install of IrfanView and extensions, but still get the problem. IMPDF is listed in my Installed Plugins. When I perform the Save As pdf with the Show Option Dialog ticked I don't get an options window.

    I can save ok in any other format that I have tried.

    I have tried the latest version of IMPDF.dll from Comsquare, but this has made no difference.

    I've run out of ideas now. Any help greatly appreciated.

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    I resolved the problem this afternoon when looking at a different problem (error code 19 on DVD player - fixed by registry modifications/reboot - most probable cause itunes upgrade).

    I tried the PDF save after this problem was solved - and all working again. Can't think why the issues are related - it wasn't just the reboot because I tried that after re-installing IrfanView.

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    Well, the link in comment #2, references Irfan View 4.32, and here we are on 4.38, and the problem still recurs on occasion.

    Interestingly, while the PDF save problem is characterized by the save dialog appearing, but not the save options box (even though turned on), when I tried to save a PNG the other day, I had the opposite symptom: the save options box appeared, but the save dialog itself did not!

    This was quite weird, and it appeared that IV was stuck... but finally I figured out I could click on the main window, and hit escape, and it would come to life (or did it go away? Should have made notes). On the other hand, after repeating this process a few times, I realized that an Agent Ransack search was running in the background, eating the disk. When I terminated that, Irfan View PNG save suddenly worked.

    Now I wonder if PDF save might be affected in a similar way... either by disk activity, or by something else. Of course, I didn't make notes about other system activity at the times that PDF save didn't work for me. But if it fails to work again, sometime, I'll attempt to notice system activity. Meantime, if it fails for someone else, they might observe such also.

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