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Thread: Please consider adding an option to scan a multi-page TIF and leave it open

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    Default Please consider adding an option to scan a multi-page TIF and leave it open

    Judging from threads others have posted, and questions posted elsewhere on the Web, and because I feel that the way IrfanView handles multi-page TIFs is not intuitive, I would like to ask that an option be added where a multi-page document can be scanned and then the multi-page document left open in the IrfanView workspace, for the user to save with the filename and in the location he sees fit.

    Some people may like the way IrfanView handles multi-page TIFs, but others do not. I don't like the use of "Default file save locations" (every scanned file needs to go into a different folder, depending on its subject matter), and when a multi-page TIF is saved in the default location, the user still has to rename the file AND move it to the correct location. That's a lot of clicks that are not necessary, and the pre-configured multi-page filename isn't related to the filename I want to give to any specific file.

    I am a professional software designer, and I found the multi-page TIF process hard to follow and unintuitive, and second, other people also have trouble with multi-page TIFs. A Google search will find other people asking in confusion after they scan a multi-page document and then see only the last image visible in Irfanview. Yes, they can hunt around and see what the default save folder location is, and if they have already checked the multi-page TIF option, there will be a multi-page TIF there. If not, they have to combine the images or else fill in this setup dialog and re-scan the document.

    I have used Irfanview for many years, and I like 99% of how it works. However, I would like an option where the entire "Acquite/Batch Scanning - Setup" dialog is unnecessary, and a multi-page document that is scanned will appear in the "workspace" after the last page is scanned. What could be simpler than that? You scan a multi-page document, and you see a multi-page document in front of you. Great! Then you save it where you want, with a filename that applies to THIS individual document, not some unrelated filename from a previous dialog with a numeric suffix appended to it. And you don't have to erase the multi-page file that was saved in the default save location.

    Thank you for considering this improvement.

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    It is quite easy to do this with a batch file but you must specify where the multi-tiff file can be saved to before you start, because Irfanview appends each new page to the file straight after it is scanned. Since there could potentially be hundreds of pages scanned it is clearly not practical to keep them all open in memory until the operation is complete as is implied by the request.

    In the batch file below a temporary folder and file are used until scanning is complete for that purpose and then the file is opened in Irfanview to let you resave it somewhere else. The temporary file is automatically deleted and reused the next time the batch file is run.

    Set iview="c:\program files\irfanview\i_view32.exe"
    Set tempfile=multitiff
    Set tempfolder=C:\temp\
    Set savefile=%tempfolder%%tempfile%.tif
    if exist %savefile% del %savefile%
    start %iview% %savefile%
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    Thanks for the reply.

    I didn't think Irfanview would have any trouble opening a multi-page TIFF even if it had hundreds of pages! And, after all, I am asking for an option, so if you regularly scan hundreds of pages then you shouldn't choose it. I usually scan documents that are four or five pages long.

    Thanks for the batch file; I may use that. I still would like to see an option considered, if only because I'm not the only person who has trouble with the way it currently works.


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