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Thread: Complex search in IPTC fields

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    Default Complex search in IPTC fields

    Hi all!

    Is it possible to implement a search mode for IPTC fields that allows to specify both logical operators AND, OR? (e.g search for: 'animals' AND 'winter')
    Actually it seems to me that the search allows only a logical OR for all IPTC specified fields.

    Thank you!
    Antonio A.

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    I know this thread is quite old, but I've got the exact same need. I find Irfanview is really the best photo viewer I've already tested, and I would like to us a new method to sort and use photos with IPTC keyword field.
    But for this I really need a more complete search mode, with at least the AND function, and the NOT function would be great too.
    Do you think it could be implemented ?
    Thanks a lot !

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    This is a user-to-user forum. Irfan Skiljan, the developer of IrfanView, is not involved. You may want to send your request to him.
    When you view a picture goto 'Help > About IrfanView' for his mail address.
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