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Thread: Adjust DPI based on new sizes (asp. ratio) - What does it do?

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    Question Adjust DPI based on new sizes (asp. ratio) - What does it do?

    This is a new 'Resize/Resample' option introduced in recent versions of Irfanview. I can't find a description of this option in the included help file.

    What does it do? Will enabling it make an enlarged image clearer? What about a shrinked image? What is the default setting of this option in previous versions of Irfanview before this option was included in the current version of Irfanview?
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    All that the DPI setting in an image does is determine the size when printed or when placed in a DTP application.

    For example, a 300 x 300 pixel image @ 300 dpi will be 1" x 1" when placed on the page or when printed.

    If you resize it to 600 x 600 pixels @ 300 dpi it will be 2" x 2" on the page.

    However, if you use the adjust DPI option it will be 600 dpi after resizing, so will still be placed at 1" x 1" as before it was resized. If you resize it by 50% the DPI will be adjust to 150 DPI so again, it will still be placed at 1" x 1"

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