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Thread: How the Feature Request Forum Works

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    Default How the Feature Request Forum Works

    The aim of this forum is to avoid flooding Irfan Skiljan with lots of duplicate feature requests, requests for features that are already available or are, in fact, requests for bug fixes. By having some discussion with other users, the Feature Request can be more clearly formulated, and any problems that it might cause can be discussed. Irfan Skiljan doesn't visit this forum, and it is run by users.

    When you start a new feature request thread, the Prefix is shown as "Requested." There are five options on the drop list:

    1. Requested: Please use this option for all new threads unless you have already forwarded the Feature Request to the program's author — Irfan Skiljan.
    2. Supported: The moderators can change the thread prefix to this if one or more users have expressed their support. They might not if they think that more discussion is needed.
    3. Forwarded: When there has been enough discussion, and the request seems to be valid and well formulated, anyone can forward the request to Irfan Skiljan. If you do this, please remember to tell us so that a moderator can change the thread's status.
    4. Rejected: Irfan Skiljan has replied to whoever forwarded the request to say that he doesn't see the need for this feature. If you receive a reply, please tell us what it was. Or, it may be because a moderator considered the request to be impractical or invalid. In the latter case, a feature request may be moved to the support forum or the bug report forum.
    5. Implemented: The request was accepted and will be available in the next version, or it is already available in the current version. It may not exist exactly as requested, but near enough that the request seems unnecessary.
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