I'm using the latest IrfanView. I've configured it to display images at original size with the window to fit the image. In the INI file I've disabled the status bar and menu bar. I use the /pos=(x,y) command line option to position the window in the middle of the screen. I use the /title= option to change the title. All of this works fine WITH PNG images. But if I try this with an animated gif image it is always displayed at the left edge of the screen. It briefly flickers in the middle of the screen but then jumps to the left edge.

Although in practice I'm using batch files to open these images, after I encountered this problem I whittled down the variables to the point where I simply try opening the animated gif from within the IrfanView folder, in a command shell. Like this:

C:\Program Files\IrfanView>i_view32 broadcast.gif /pos=(615,0)
Note that the /title command continues to work fine with animated gifs, as does the /top command. So IrfanView's problem displaying animated gifs seems to be limited to the /pos= option not working.

Any suggestions?