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    I have a request that would be a tremendous help for tech support. I'm frequently on the phone with a user that is not computer experienced, and I often don't know for certain what they are seeing on their desktop.

    I'd like a feature, or a script, to take a screen shot and then upload it via FTP. For example all the user does is press Ctrl-F11. A screenshot taken, and then automatically uploaded to an FTP location. I can then go to the FTP location and see the user's screen shot.

    Better yet if this just sits in the background. It really needs to be transparent to the typical user. This feature would be an instant hit with IT professionals everywhere.

    I see that the /CAPTURE option will take a screenshot. So my question seems to be can /CONVERT support save to ftp and if so, what is the format?
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    The problem with this is that you then need to tell the user how to install IrfanView, install the sript, and run it.

    IrfanView already has FTP upload from the Thumbnails view, but even assuming that the user already has IrfanView installed, they would still need to be told how to enter the FTP details. Its very easy for you or I, but not everyone is computer savvy enough even to do this much without a lot of help.

    To get a screen shot (or any other file up to 100Mbytes) from a user it doesn't get much easier than using Wikisend

    If you install Opera 11.64 you could currently use Opera Unite¹ Document Courier to send a file (see the uploads link in my signature). Give the user a password, and then they can send files directly to your hard drive. The size is not limited to 100 Mbytes — mine is currently set to 2 Gbytes.

    ¹ Its uncertain how much longer this will work.
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    I should have made clear that I will be setting up the computer. So I will configure IrfanView (already installed).

    Wow - IrfanView has really powerful command line options. Using a .bat file, I think I've figured out how to do this. I'll post the result.

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