I am posting this as a thank you, and hoping it may serve as a guide for other Wine newbies like myself.

I just got IrfanView up and running on my Mac (Intel Mac running Snow Leopard) using Wine 1.4.1 and WineBottler. This was a first time install of Wine. I had a little glitch in WineBottler when I tried to install IrfanView (using the predefined prefix for IrfanView in WineBottler).

However I was able to easily fix the problem. I simply manually created the new folder "Wine" in: "Users/{userName}/Library/Application Support/" (more details here), rebooted, and installed with no problems.

I have used IrfanView for many years on Windows, and am absolutely ecstatic that I now have this most excellent tool available on my Mac...
Many, many thanks and kudos to Irfan Skiljan and to the Wine developers for making it all possible!!

In great gratitude,