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Thread: Option in properties/settings: Plugins: Fast Load Embedded image / Load CRW/CR2.

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    Default Option in properties/settings: Plugins: Fast Load Embedded image / Load CRW/CR2.

    Having used IrfanView for years this is an item I would love to see integrated:

    Have an option in Properties/Settings -- Plugins, where one can choose to have the raw file loaded over the top of an already displayed imbedded image.

    The result being, when I am whipping through a folder of just downloaded files and come upon one of those rare ones I want to keep, that the raw file has been loaded in just a few additional seconds, so I may take a closer look at it.
    If the file (picture) is not worth keeping, a "next" stroke would abort the raw loading process and jump to the next file.

    I know I can go into Prop/Set / Plugins and un-check "try to load embedded preview image" and make sure (in my case) "Try to load CRW/CR2..." is checked and then reload the file.

    It would be great to see the quick choice of eliminating the bad and seeing the good in their RAW state in a short single action, instead of the (as many as) seven steps now involved.

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    I usually set IV to load preview images (and sometimes half size images). For me it would be enough to have a quick way - a shortcut or a menu command - to "reload at full resolution" (like Zoner) or "display in actual (full) size" (Faststone).

    Have a nice day,

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