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Thread: Multipage TIF Conversion - Can anyone help please?

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    Default Multipage TIF Conversion - Can anyone help please?

    Hello community,

    after several trys of doing it on my own, I need your help.

    I need to convert a TIFF Image (multipage) to a TIFF Image (CCITT Fax 4, multipage)
    At least i managed to convert files, mit only a singlepage file!! :-( The issue is, that I need a script, that can handle Multipage.

    I would be very grateful, if anyone could help with some code.

    Yours, Tim

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    Hi Tim,

    I will need a couple of days if you still need help for converting. Or is the problem solved with other tools now?
    Multipage TIFF files are always a little bit of a problem.
    I would try to write a batch which will do the following:
    1. extract all pages from the multipage file ans save single page TIFF.
    2. convert the single page TIFF files into CCITT Fax 4 format
    3. join the single files into a new multipage file

    Best regards

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