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Thread: Text box has not worked for years on IrfanView

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    Default Text box has not worked for years on IrfanView

    Ever since there was an upgrade to IrfanView a few years ago, I no longer can blackout information on pics using a text box (control + T) and selecting a black background. It says there is not enough memory, which is untrue.

    Here is a pic of what happens:

    What I tried to do (black out information) is in the box to the left. The error that results is in the box to the right.

    Please help! Thanks!
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    Confirmed, if you don't type any text, but that's an odd way to black out an area of an image. Why not use Cut?

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    Wow, thanks Bhikkhu Pesala, I never knew that. I just tried using "cut", and it worked! So I learned something new.

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