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Thread: Give a graphical interface for BATCH cropping images.

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    Default Give a graphical interface for BATCH cropping images.

    currently we have to manually enter x, y, width, height figures in the batch processing, then all the selected images are cropped according to that.

    It is surely a great feature that is missing even in photoshop and many other program. it is very powerful and very useful.

    Still, making sense of all those numerical values, understanding them, calculating them, feeding them is not really a child's play for many users.

    So, it would be a great help to have a graphical interface for cropping images in batch. Let us select the area in the current image that we want to crop. irfanview automatically calculates the x y width height values based on our selection, and then does the same processing on all the selected files, cropping all the images on the basis of that.


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    I don't think it's worth all the work for this. The Batch Options dialogue is already quite complex enough. You can already get the x,y co-ordinates from the Custom Crop dialogue if you don't know how to work them out. Make a selection on one image that you plan to process with a batch command, and open the Custom selection dialogue.

    What might help is to automatically populate the Batch Options dialogue with the default values saved from the Custom Crop dialogue, but that could hinder users as much as help them if they know what values they want to use. Currently, the Batch Options dialogue remembers the values that you last used.

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    All pictures are different - that's why there is no easy way for "BATCH cropping images"!
    You must decide between the "Batch Conversion" (of IrfanView with all the options there) or the function "Create custom crop selection"!

    Or try the external program JPEGCrops!

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