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Multi-action script for repeated image processing task

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    Multi-action script for repeated image processing task

    Hi folks! New here, first post etc...

    Trying to help a friend who needs to frequently add image overlays and resize folders of jpgs. I've got them set up with irfanview and they can use it well enough to perform the task they need, but it's all manual and i'd like to save said friend even more time by having a script do it for them.

    They've been using the method i showed them for about a year now, and while slow is performing the task correctly. But it is SLOW

    Now; I fix motorbikes for a living and i'm at the limits of my computer skills with this, so i've come here seeking help.

    What i need to do is:
    1. option in right click menu (i assume i will need the shell ext plugin)
    2. right click in desired folder
    3. select 'process folder with irfanview'
    4. convert folder contents to 1920 long axis 72dpi
    5. add a specified image overlay to centre to FIRST image in folder
    6. add a different specified image overlay to centre bottom to other images
    7. save with name pattern 'folder name_01'
    8. file format to jpg
    9. Delete original files
    10. exit application

    Any and all help appreciated.