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What happened to SmartCurve?

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    What happened to SmartCurve?

    According to the history, SmartCurve was included in IrfanView (or at least its plugin collection) starting with v 4.37. However, it is not listed under "Available Plugins and current versions" nor did I find it in my installations of 4.56 and 4.57. I still have some old copies of SmartCurve which claim to be v2.2, but a binary file comparison shows differences, which makes me nervous about using them. The newest source that I find for the plugin is softpedia. Is that version safe to use with IrfanView? Is there a more recent (or 64-bit) version, or is there another plugin which can achieve the same effect?

    The last update of the SmartCurve info on the developer's site was in 2016

    The actual version V2.2 of the plugin for Windows can be downloaded here... . It works with all versions of Photoshop and includes two versions for 32-bit and 64-bit Photoshop respectively. The 64-bit version is still in development and can cause a crash of PhotoShop. At the moment there is no solution for this problem, sorry.


    currently running 4.56 / 32 bit