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Merge multiple jpg files into one pdf file

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    Solved Merge multiple jpg files into one pdf file

    I have scanned all the pages of a book, putting the jpg files into one folder. When I'm using IrfanView or any other app to merge these jpg files into one pdf book file, the quality of the text letters diminishes. The letters become much more _jagged_. How can I merge the jpg page files into a pdf file and still keep the original image text quality?

    See attached photo, the right letter from the original jpg, and the left letter, in the resulting pdf file, using IrfanView. I want the pdf to keep the smooth original text quality.

    I'm using this temporary solution to preserve the jpg image quality in the merged pdf file, this also with the OCR accomplished. This also makes the resulting file a bit less in size.
    1. Insert the jpg page files into an MS Word Docx document.
    2. Save the Docx as a pdf file.
    3. Auto-crop margins with Sedja to regain the original image/page size
    4. OCR with Sedja.

    The reason I'm using Sedja is that running OCR with it will preserve the original image quality. This opposing to most other OCR apps, ie Ashampoo Pdf Pro, ILovePdf, SodaPdf... which at the same time degrades the document quality.

    Pdf is the future. Would be awesome if IrfanView could just attach jpg files in sequence to produce a pdf file without any processing that degrades the original image files quality, and add ie. auto trim, and OCR functionality.
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