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Thread: jpg lossless functions not working in Windows 10 TP

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    Default jpg lossless functions not working in Windows 10 TP

    Installed Irfanview 4.35, and plugins, and then 4.38 and plugins in Windows 10 Technical Preview build 9841 . Jpg_transform.dll is in the plugins folder, but the menu entries are greyed out.

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    When Windows 10 has been released, if that happens before IrfanView 4.39 is released, then there might be some point in reporting bugs for the next version, which may have a 64-bit version. However, the plugins will need 64-bit versions too, so all this is premature in my opinion so I won't be sending any bug reports about TP10 to Irfan Skiljan prior to the Windows 10 release, and only if 4.39 is released after it.

    What you wish to do, of course, is entirely up to you.

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