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Thread: Cannot extract frames as GIF from animated GIF

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    Default Cannot extract frames as GIF from animated GIF

    I cannot extract frames as GIF from an animated GIF-file.
    Extracting them as BMP is OK and generates the corresponding files. But when extracting them as GIF no files are generated at all. No error indication from Irfanview.

    See file OvenInit.GIF.
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    Works OK for me. Mind you, I didn't try it with your .GIF.

    Edit: Now used your supplied .GIF. No problem.
    Did you check out your destination folder?
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    Default Additional information 1

    Using Irfanview 4.10, with latest set of plugins.
    I used Destination directory C:\
    Save as: GIF
    C:-drive reports 8+ Gb free.
    I'm administrator on my own XP Prof. Version 2002 SP 2 system, so able to write.
    BMP and TIF works OK and writes the frames into the directory.

    Found additional item:
    1) When the GIF option "Save transparent color", subset "Choose transparent color during saving" is active i get no output.
    2) When the "Save transparent color" is Off i DO get the frames.
    3) When the "Save transparent color" is On and "Set transparancy value to pallette entry: 0" is active i DO get the frames.

    Conclusion: the manual intervention for selecting the Transparant color seems non-functional.

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    See also this thread.

    As you discovered, the bug occurs only when the user has to intervene to select the transparent colour. It would be nice if this would work too.

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