HI, I'm trying to change the color of the Irfanview window itself - the light gray color that it has throughout the app; on Windows 10. In older versions of Windows you could do this by modifying the default Window colors in the "Window colors and appearance" control panel applet, but Windows 10 tossed all that out. I'm sure it my be possible by editing color values in the registry, but I'm hoping maybe there is a better way, perhaps to do it through Irfanview itself?

I'm trying to darken the app to make it a night / dark theme as I have Windows itself set to. If this is not currently possible, please consider this a Feature Request and move it as such, thanks!

To be clear, change this gray color (circled in red):
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I'm trying to make it look like Windows Explorer does now in Dark theme/mode in Windows 10, like this:
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