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Thread: IrfanView 4.53 Thumbnails -- cursor auto-switch to thumbnails :/

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    Default IrfanView 4.53 Thumbnails -- cursor auto-switch to thumbnails :/

    In version 4.52 in Thumbnails window when i select directory in directory tree i can navigate (after thumbs are created) using cursors to move up and down and right and left in directory tree, in 4.53 however that is impossible -- program automatically switches every time after thumbs are created to thumbnails part and i must use mouse again and again to click another directory and i can't find a way to use keyboard cursors only.. im not sure if there's option to turn that _feature_ off or i must use previous version where cursors works normally??


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    I suspect that it is a bug, though it might be an intentional change. Send an email to Irfan Skiljan and let us know what he says. (Help, About IrfanView.. for his address).

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