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Thread: Why is IrfanView detected as RiskWare?

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    Default Why is IrfanView detected as RiskWare?

    I did a VirusTotal scan and I'm worried about the RiskWare result:

    Looking at the Kaspersky Riskware website, IrfanView has no legitimate reason to be a RiskWare app:

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    I get the same result with IrfanView 4.52 and 4.53 installers, both downloaded from the official site.

    If you're concerned, better contact the program's author. See IrfanView Help, About.

    Let us know what he says. In my experience, these alerts are always false positives.

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    I tried looking around their main website and all I could find is the FAQ which says:

    Q: Does IrfanView contain Spyware or Viruses, etc.?
    A: NO. If your anti virus program reports a virus or spyware in IrfanView downloaded from the official homepages, you should either update the anti virus program or use a better one.

    According to Malwarebytes riskware could be:

    Programs might be termed as “riskware” because they:

    Violate the terms of service (ToS) of other software or a user platform.
    Block another application or software from being updated and patched.
    Might be illegal to use in the users’ country.
    Could be used as a backdoor for other malware.
    Are indicative of the presence of other malware.

    Maybe it's to do with the features that this tool has but I've checked other similar image tools and none of them have that riskware problem.

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