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Thread: .gif loop number ignored

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    Default .gif loop number ignored

    Loop number in .gif files is ignored and as a result IrfanView loops gifs forever irrespective of the loop number stated in the file.

    Seems like it was always an issue (see and I suppose that it might have been previously brushed off as "If the program doesn't behave as you think it should, that is not a bug". However, if this is by design, there should be a way do disable that behavior in options.

    Windows 10 Pro, IrfanView Version 4.54 - 64 bit, the gif attached is a 3-frame (B->G->R) gif w/ 1 loop.
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    I would call it an unsupported feature, but send a report to Irfan Skiljan and let us know what he says.

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