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Thread: Error Video Not Available cannot find 'vids:xvid' decompressor

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sjef View Post
    Avi seems to be an extension for a moviefile, but really it isn't. It's an Audio Video Interleave File which means it's only a container-file. There can be several sorts of codecs enclosed in an Avi-file. Irfanview looks into the header of an Avi and in your case seems not to recognize any codec that is build in to the header. Maybe some camera-settings are different from your earlier settings. It looks like it, because changing the extension to mpg solves your problem.
    Windows Media Player plays your Avi's just fine, but there are also Avi's that Media Player cannot play while IrfanView does indeed, providing there is the right codec on your system. Getting the right codec for a moviefile keeps providing frustations as long as there are just a few agreements between softwaremakers about moviefiles.

    OK, .avi is sort of a structure with the parameters internally. That doesn't explain why Irfanview very recently played these .avi files without problem, and suddenly stopped and gave me the error message. These are the .avi files made in my Canon camera. I'd guess that one of the programs I've installed recently changed some pointer in the !@#$%^&*! registry. Since I've recently rebuilt my computer, I've been reinstalling various programs so no way to trace which one might have made the difference. Any suggestions?

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    Smile It works!

    Quote Originally Posted by Sjef View Post
    If you can't find the right codec, try GOM Media Player (free). A player that don't need any separate codecs. The download is 4 MB.
    Thank you so much for your suggestion. I downloaded it and it works! Even when I tried other solutions mentioned in this question. They only partially worked or didn't work at all. This is the one to use, folks. It even supposedly works with broken or damaged discs. Thank you again.

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    Try this treat on the Canon forum:

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