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Thread: Paste an image into another image

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    Question Paste an image into another image

    Thanks for the absolutely great product : ). I use various versions for several years - it is the best image editor I know.

    But I can't find how to do a very simple thing: take one image and insert it into another image. When I try to copy and paste it into another one, the Irfan window shows only the new image. I can't combine two pictures. As a result I usually do a very stupid thing: I edit images in Irfanview, then combine them in Paint. This is the only action that Irfan cant do - or I don't see how to do it.

    Currently I use version 4.20 and Windows XP SP3.

    Thanks a lot!

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    Just draw a selection box where you want to insert it and then paste. As I recall in v4.20 the inserted image was always stretched to fit exactly into the box you have drawn , so if you wanted to keep the original ratio of the sides you needed to save the dimensions using the Custom selection feature.

    Easier though is to update to v4.25 and check the Paste into selection:Fit to selection option that you find under Options > Properties/settings > Browsing/Editing. The insert is not then stretched when you paste.

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    Ah, well that doesn't do what I would like it to do. It doesn't compose the two images together. It simply replaces the area of the selection with the new image.

    For instance. I would like to be able to compose a image with a transparent background, like a gif or png file, on top of another image. I'm doing this now with MS Word (euch).

    So the question is, when will irfan implement composting. I've used paint packages before (Paint Shop Pro) that gives you several options of how to compose the images. Add, subtract, multiple, etc...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gregorina View Post
    it is the best image editor I know.
    Its not an image editor — its an image viewer.

    It does not support layers or 32-bit alpha transparency, and it lacks any serious brush or selection tools. The IrfanPaint plugin is a great touch-up tool for fixing the odd scratch, but its no substitute for a photo-editor.

    Still, for 99% of what I do, it is better than PhotoPlus or PaintShop Pro. Most of what I do is resizing and converting image formats, with a bit of pixel editing to clean up images now and again.

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