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Feature request; Oval/round selection tool for copy/paste?

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    Rejected Feature request; Oval/round selection tool for copy/paste?

    The title pretty much says it - If there was a way to make round or oval selections to copy/paste it would be a tremendous help for me. I'd be able to eliminate over half of my use of other image edit programs, like pasting cameo-style portraits into oval frames, etc. without loading into other apps just to mess around with layers, merging, etc.

    Have you looked at my thread on "Borders and Frames" in the "Technical Documents" forum? There are a number of ways of creating oval frames there.
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      Hi! It's been a long time since I posted this thread. I'm still in need of this feature.

      Somehow I overlooked that Mij had posted a reply, but I've read the thread referred to in the Technical Documents forum now. A ot of really good stuff there, but none of it seems to address what I want to do. I regularly edit my pictures with IrfanView. I use it to work on photos about 80% of my needs.

      What I'm hoping for is a way to make round or oval selections instead of rectangular in IrfanView, that can be copied into the Clickbook buffer (Win10, btw), and from there be pasted into a different portion of the picture, or into another picture at will. In case I'm not explaining clearly - think of an old time Victorian portrait of a family posed in parlor. On the table between them is a round framed portrait of a loved one. I want to make a round selection from another relative's picture and paste it into the existing oval frame. I know it can be done with many photo editing programs, but since I use IrfanView so much it would save me scads of time to be able to do it there - fast and simple.

      The problem I have with most photo editing programs is that their programmers are so enamored with their creation that They can't imagine anyone wanting to use anything else. I stopped using Photoshop and even uninstalled PS Elements because they insist on installing modules and sub programs that stay memory resident all the time! I don't want a program I use only rarely running in the background every time I boot up, looking for updates or various activities the programmers feel are essential. I got fed up when Corel screwed up my file management. I had no use for their photo album utility, and managed my graphics with a couple of file explorers that worked as I wanted, but I had a weird problem - anytime I tried to delete a graphic I got a "File in Use" error. I'd have to go into windows and break the hold manually. I eventually managed to trick Windows into not doing what was locking the file. It was an obscure and unmentioned sub utility called Corel Versions or some such that hooked into every graphics file I accessed to see if it was a Corel Compatible format just in case I might want to sometime load it into Corel - and then didn't bother to unlock the file. Frustrating. Not using any of the "big" programs any more.
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        I deleted your duplicate post in the Feedback forum, which is only for feedback about this forum.
        Originally posted by leather-guy View Post
        I've read the thread referred to in the Technical Documents forum now. A lot of really good stuff there, but none of it seems to address what I want to do.
        The linked topic explains how to make oval borders using the Paint Tool.

        Since IrfanView does not have layers, I have tagged this topic as Rejected. Until IrfanView has layers, I do not think that this request will ever happen. Study the Borders and Frames topic again and see if you can make it work for you.

        I use a Desktop Publishing program called PagePlus X9 for that kind of work, if I really need to. Serif have discontinued its legacy products, and now sells Affinity Publisher, Photo, and Designer to replace them.
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