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A removed 3D border, or a way to remove it

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    Irfan Skiljan got back to me. While such an option would not be added to the public release of irfanview (due to lack of demand), he graciously helped me out the border.


      Thank you for the update. I am glad you have a fix for the issue. I have tagged the thread as "Rejected" since Irfan has no plans to implement it in future builds due to lack of demand. Perhaps you could attach the zipped executable to this thread, in case some other users come looking for the same thing.
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        Good idea. I asked Irfan Skiljan and he was ok with me uploading the zipped executable in this thread.
        I've added it (and relevant notes) to the first post.


          It seems Irfan added a new hotkey to show thin border in version 4.60 of IrfanView (released 2022-03-18).
          The only issue is that you have to press a hotkey (Alt+Shift+B) each time you starts IrfanView, since it reverts back to use the normal border for each session.

          Fingers crossed that a future version of IrfanView will give us an option to set something in the i_view64.ini file, in order to always use the thin border.

          That being said. If there is a known way of making IrfanView execute a command when IrfanView starts (via plugin or something) then I would love to hear about it.