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Slide Show Feature Suggestions and Bug in 4.58

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    Slide Show Feature Suggestions and Bug in 4.58

    Pressing "F8" allows you to create .lnk files to be added to a destination folder instead of copying the original file. If you later add this destination folder to the slide show list, and you delete a file from the slideshow with "DEL" key, the original file will be removed and not the link file. This does not make sense. If you later on create a new slide show by adding this destination folder, the .lnk file is still there, but the original file is missing, and you get an error message. Either remove both files: the original and the .lnk file - or what I would suggest: remove only the .lnk file!

    I would also suggest implementing a new key command for removing single files from the slide show without deleting the original file, just the entry in the slide show list.

    And further suggestions for the slide show: A function for quickly scrolling forwards or backwards in a slide show would be nice! E.g. ALT + arrow for stepping 10 items - order even better: create a marker to header images in a slide show. This can be either done by extend the slide show list by some header attributes or much simpler: define some key text as part of the image file name, e.g. "_header". By naming image file names with this key text, you can specify header images e.g. "picture_012_header.jpg" and with ALT + arrow keys, you can scroll to the next header image in the list.

    When I delete a linked file from a slideshow, I get this error message which gives me the option of deleting the shortcut.

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      Shortcuts was not really meant for that. You should look into symbolic links instead.
      My system: IrfanView 4.58 64bit, Windows 10 21H2, Intel Core i5-3570, 16GB RAM, AMD Radeon RX550 2GB