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    There are a lot of programs on for listing fonts and there are less that can display a single font file as 'fontview' from Windows but only shows the font glyph if is installed in /Windows/Fonts/ and not for other fonts such as vectorial scalar .svg. For example there is
    Simple font viewer with interactive editor.
    Can load fonts from a directory, i.e. before installing fonts to the system.
    Source code written in pure .NET 2.0 which builds into a lightweight .exe file.
    But will last an eternity to load the Windows\Fonts\ directory if you are working in a institute that is making paleography and fonts.
    So, I'm looking for an alternative way to preview the fonts after are compiled or converted with fontforge.

    This loads very fast for win32 to list installed fonts but not single fonts

    It may be welcome in a image view program something like this: ?

    We can use fonts in many apps such as web application or in applications that have their own font folder and is very hard for us to see the difference between the style of some fonts that we do not install in the operating system were more users could access them before we are happy with all the gliphs.

    For example I have this page were we need a very small maxim two pages of gliphs in a true type font that ATM is not embed - because I'm working on a web-font generator that probably will generate .css files when done, so you have to manually download the special fonts collection from to display this test page correctly:

    Take a look at MainType. The free version supports only 2,500 fonts, and is for non-commercial use, but you can test it thoroughly to see if it suits your needs. It adds all fonts ever viewed to a vault database, so viewing them after the initial indexing is very fast. If you use tens of thousands of fonts it may take a while to index them. For my library of 5,000 fonts it took only a few minutes.
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      The plugin should take the range of the subsets of the font that we open with IrfanView like BabelMap does

      Then the fonts should be listed in HTML each subset or character-set in one section like I do here

      HTML Code:
      <div class="glyph">
      <div class="glyph-icon" data-icon="&#x10900;"></div>
      <div class="class-name">icon-AlefPhoenician</div>
      <input type="text" readonly="readonly" value="&amp;#x10900;" />
      <input type="text" readonly="readonly" value="\10900" />
      <input type="text" readonly="readonly" value="&#x10900;" class="icon-input" />
      The difference is that we could see a real drawing of some font glyphs and not just the author name and font name and a text that is included in some fonts that do not contain Latin characters to skip this text that would not display:


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