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Start of thumbnail overview takes a long time

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    Start of thumbnail overview takes a long time

    since some weeks the start of the thumbnail preview folder takes a very long time.
    -open a pic in irfanview
    -press T to open thumbnails for this folder
    -now it takes a very long time until the thumbnails will be shown
    if a click afterwards in the left navigation to an other folder, the thumbnail previews are shown quickly

    so it seems that the problem occurs if the thumbnail preview T is started

    what coudl it be?
    did irfanview check something in the background or something like that?

    thx for help

    irfanview version 4.58 64bit
    hardware: windows 10 64bit, 32gb ram, ssd, intel i7

    I see there is about half a second delay when Thumbnails are opened before the previews start loading. Is that it?
    Using IrfanView 4.58 64bit, Windows 10 21H1, Intel Core i5-3570, 16GB RAM, AMD Radeon RX550 2GB


      Are you viewing thumbnails from all subfolders?
      What are your thumbnail options? What size? Use resampling is slow but better quality. If the images are typical camera images then generating thumbnails could be slow. If they are RAW images, check the plugin settings for RAW images.
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